Breakout #2: Mobile Crisis, A True Specialty in the Field of Behavioral Health

In the world of social work and behavioral health there are many specialties one can choose: DBT, EMDR, advocacy, policy writing, TFCBT, TRE, the list goes on and on. Despite LA Police Department being one of the first to attempt a mental-health co-response team in 1993, almost three decades ago, there is still no formal training for a clinician to work on the street, in a park, or in homes; conducting assessments remotely with a partner wearing a badge. Crisis clinicians have a role unlike any other in the behavioral health field and should be proud of the work they do. However, little evidence-based training exists for mobile crisis/co-response. Many take a job with little to no training and learn by being thrown into a world they knew nothing of. Those who do well, fight to learn and become a sponge with everything around them. Sadly, many burn out or leave crisis because they don’t have adequate support or training to keep going. Many say they never gained the true confidence they needed. Crisis and Co-response can be an amazing and rewarding experience. Confidence can be gained very quickly, and small pieces of information can transform a person’s work.