Breakout #2: Public Safety Personnel Responding to Veterans in Crisis

Nearly 7% of the United States population are Veterans and only approximately 1% are Active Duty Military. These individuals have unique experiences and training which impact the way they view the world, particularly in a crisis situation. It is imperative that public safety personnel learn about the unique military culture and how it can influence a crisis situation. From the increased risk of trauma exposure to the intimate knowledge of how a firearm works, these steadfast individuals are expected to show no weakness; physical nor mental. Therefore, our Service Members (past and present) react differently in stressful situations compared to those with no uniformed experience. Regardless of the training and expectations that these individuals faced during their time in service, they remain human and can experience a crisis. However, their crisis response will likely look different. In order to assist in maintaining the well-being for all, it is essential that all public safety personnel learn about how to respond in a supportive way to help mitigate the crisis.