Caroline Ban

Caroline Ban, MSW

Caroline Ban, MSW is Program Director and Assistant Professor at Valparaiso University, where she teaches macro social work, policy, advocacy and policing. Her research ranges on macro topics from technology for good to police social work. Caroline leads an annual lobbying trip to the Indiana state capitol for students each Spring. Prior to moving to Indiana, Ban was a consultant and the Manager of Government Affairs for Beyond Housing, a nationally-recognized community development non-profit in St. Louis. Ban facilitated and staffed meetings with mayors and police chiefs from North St. Louis County, directly south of Ferguson. She helped local governments attract or save a combined total of $3 million through grant writing and/or municipal efficiencies. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, including three boys.


  • Enhancing Micro-Level Police Social Work by Practicing Effective Macro-Level Work

    Micro-level social work, involving referral and case management provision, is only as effective as the social service systems in place and resources available within a given community. A lack of communication, collaboration, and existing services and relationships often decrease the timeliness and effectiveness of micro-level social work. In order to enhance the effectiveness of police […]