Erica Rios

Erica Rios is the Police Social Worker at Griffith Police Department. Erica earned her Bachelor of Social Work in 2013 from Indiana University Northwest and worked with children and families as a Family Case Manager for the Indiana Department of Child Services for 5 years in the permanency division. She graduated with a Master of Social Work in 2017 from Indiana University Northwest, completing her concentration practicum through a pilot internship placement with Griffith Police Department. 

Erica began her work with Griffith Police Department in January of 2018 as Indiana’s first Police Social Worker. In her role, she provides officers mental health training and access to wellness resources, as well as community-focused training and education on trending social issues. Erica provides support and resource referrals to victims of domestic/intimate partner abuse, individuals with substance use disorder, and children and families in need of services. She works directly with Griffith Public Schools identifying students requiring additional support in home and school and providing staff, students, and their families with tiered prevention programs addressing drug and alcohol use, bullying, and suicide prevention.  


  • Working with Interns & Schools of Social Work

    The session will focus on integrating social work interns into law enforcement agencies and building relationships with school corporations and faculty. The panelists will cover how to start integrating interns and elaborate on student requirements that must be met including, supervision, direct hours, and competencies. The group will also discuss department and university policies to […]

  • Safety Considerations in Police Social Work

    The session will elaborate on the precautionary measures law enforcement agencies take to ensure the safety of embedded PSWs, including equipment and clearing calls prior to PSW engagement. The session will also cover safety considerations associated with the role of an embedded PSW versus a contracted social worker, working solo versus with officers.