Lieutenant Matthew Solak

  • Willimantic Police Department (Connecticut)

Lieutenant Matthew Solak is a 16-year veteran of the Willimantic (Connecticut) Police Department, presently serving in the Administration Division. Some of Lieutenant Solak’s prior assignments have included Midnight Shift Sergeant, Community Policing and Bike Patrol Officer, and he served on the Willimantic Police Department SWAT Team for 9 years. In 2018, Lieutenant Solak created the Willimantic Police Department’s Police-Assisted Recovery HOPE Program, and Lieutenant Solak serves as the Department’s liaison to the Willimantic Community Care Team and the Windham Opioid Task Force. As a Connecticut POSTC -certified Police Instructor, Lieutenant Solak teaches a variety of disciplines, including Instructor Development, Officer Wellness and Police Stress, and Active Threat Response. Lieutenant Solak is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, and is presently pursuing his Master’s Degree in English from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.


  • Final Q&A: What’s next? Fitting PSWs Into Your Community

    The final question and answer session will allow attendees to ask panelists specific questions about unique programs. Attendees that submitted their questions at registration will get their questions answered and have the opportunity to ask panelists follow-up questions or ask members to elaborate on a topic discussed throughout the conference.

  • Working with Interns & Schools of Social Work

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