Mallory Phagan, MSW

  • Police Social Worker

Mallory Phagan, MSW is a Social Worker at the Bloomington Police Department. She earned her MSW from Indiana University Bloomington in 2021. Mallory worked with multiple community mental health agencies through her academic career and worked with Ambassadors of Hope in Indianapolis to serve at-risk youth and families before joining the BPD in May. She has worked with diverse populations including addictions and recovery, intellectual and developmental disabilities, severe mental illnesses, and children and families.


  • Social Work Track: Clinician Wellness

    This group will be group-based instead of panel-based. The group will discuss ways to promote their mental and physical health as an embedded PSW. The group will cover wellness after traumatic events/incidents, transitioning from work life to personal life, self-care and coping as a PSW, and how to navigate and cope with the political landscape.

  • Social Work Track: The Ethics of Police Social Work

    The breakout session will focus on ethical considerations for embedded social workers. The panel will cover the Code of Ethics, including privacy and confidentiality, social justice, and articulating social work values, standards, and principles as an embedded PSW.