Sam Burgett

Sam Burgett, MSW, LSW

Sam Burgett, MSW, LSW works as Valparaiso Police Department’s first police social worker, as well as runs a small, local nonprofit, the Community Change Center, which provides reentry services to incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated individuals in Lake, LaPorte, and Porter Counties. Sam also teaches adjunct in Valparaiso University’s Sociology department and enjoys spending time with her foster children.


  • Enhancing Micro-Level Police Social Work by Practicing Effective Macro-Level Work

    Micro-level social work, involving referral and case management provision, is only as effective as the social service systems in place and resources available within a given community. A lack of communication, collaboration, and existing services and relationships often decrease the timeliness and effectiveness of micro-level social work. In order to enhance the effectiveness of police […]