Sergeant Josh Taylor

  • Sergeant at Bloomington Police Department (Indiana)

SGT Joshua Taylor graduated from Indiana University with a Criminal Justice Major and minor in Sociology. He has been employed by the Bloomington (IN) Police Department for 13.5 years and has held numerous positions in the Department, including roles in the Field Training Program, the Critical Incident Response Team, the Civil Disturbance Unit, and as a detective in the Special Investigations Unit. SGT Taylor has received numerous accolades throughout his career, including Valor, Bravery, and Lifesaving Awards, 2017 BPD Officer of the Year, and 2017 Indiana SWAT Officers Association Officer of the Year. SGT Taylor currently leads the Downtown Resource Officer program, focusing on residents experiencing homelessness and building community partnerships.


  • Safety Considerations in Police Social Work

    The session will elaborate on the precautionary measures law enforcement agencies take to ensure the safety of embedded PSWs, including equipment and clearing calls prior to PSW engagement. The session will also cover safety considerations associated with the role of an embedded PSW versus a contracted social worker, working solo versus with officers.